Empowering Your Success Through Innovative Software Solutions

At MJ14, our fervor lies in crafting software that propels you to success. With a rich legacy in IT and an unwavering commitment to innovation, we deliver software that stands out: robust, high-performing, scalable, and intuitively designed. Let us be the driving force behind your digital transformation, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Tailored Software Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Bespoke Software Development

Unlock unparalleled business efficiency with software meticulously crafted to mirror your unique processes, ensuring adaptability for future growth.

Innovative Product Development

Launch robust SaaS, mobile, and desktop solutions that captivate users. Experience rapid product evolution with MVPs ready in mere months and consistent updates every few weeks.

Complete Software Development Partnership

Leverage our self-sustained teams to realize your software aspirations. Never let internal constraints hinder your vision; we're here to bridge the expertise and resource gap.

Reliable Software Support & Evolution

Guarantee the longevity and relevance of your software. We promise seamless performance, timely optimizations, swift issue resolutions, and the integration of innovative features.

Seamless Team Augmentation

From niche expertise to large-scale teams, we provide the talent you need. Whether it's back-end, front-end, mobile development, testing, or any other role, our experts seamlessly integrate with your vision.

Dedicated Expertise Just for You

Benefit from dedicated teams, handpicked from our elite talent pool, committed to your project. Address skill gaps and accelerate your development journey with teams that feel like an extension of your own.

Choose the collaboration that fits your vision, and let's transform it into a digital reality together.

Our Comprehensive Software Development Process

1. Strategic Planning

Duration: Starting from 2 weeks

  • We initiate by documenting essential business operations and assessing how they align with the current software.

  • We delve deep into understanding business needs and potential concerns.

  • We assess the potential risks associated with the introduction of new software, considering its impact on business processes, and strategize risk mitigation approaches.

  • High-level functional and technical software requirements are meticulously drafted.

  • We curate a comprehensive list of software features and potential integrations.

  • A detailed project roadmap, inclusive of major milestones, is established.

For commercial software products, an extended duration of 3 weeks is required to:

  • Undertake a thorough competition analysis, which includes evaluating product features, pricing models, customer feedback, acquisition strategies, and more.

  • Understand the desires and requirements of the target demographic, leading to the creation of a robust product concept.

  • Highlight product differentiation, ensuring it possesses a unique selling proposition to distinguish itself from competitors.

  • Identify and strategize around potential market entry barriers, including regulatory challenges.

2. Crafting the Business Case

Duration: Approximately 1 week

  • A rigorous cost-benefit analysis is conducted, followed by estimations of NVP and ROI.

3. Design - Architecture, UX, and UI

Duration: Ranges from 2 weeks to 3 months

  • We determine the app's architecture, including technology stack, data flow, and integration touchpoints.

  • Where feasible, we prioritize integrating components of your existing systems to ensure cost-effectiveness and enhanced software reliability.

  • UX research is paramount: we define personas, key user scenarios, and draft user journey maps.

  • Development of wireframes and interactive prototypes takes place.

  • A visual identity analysis is conducted, leading to the creation of a design concept. This includes a branded UI kit with components like icons, buttons, and more, along with animations, specifications, and developer assets.

Note: A unique and sophisticated UI design is recommended only if it offers a competitive edge. Otherwise, our focus remains on software functionality.

4. MVP Rollout (Optional)

Duration: Enterprise software - starting from 1 month; Software product - approximately 2 months.

5. Development and Quality Assurance

  • We adopt an agile approach, delivering new software components in 2-week sprints.

  • Continuous minor releases are facilitated through automated CI/CD pipelines.

  • We regularly analyze emerging needs and plan subsequent releases.

  • After approving the release scope, mockups are reviewed, and the approved software part undergoes development and testing.

  • Feedback is actively sought from stakeholders and users post-release.

Note: For projects with clear definitions, a linear delivery mode with a single major release might be more suitable.

6. Deployment & Initial Maintenance

Duration: 3 months

  • User acceptance testing (UAT) is a crucial step.

  • We set up software monitoring processes and redefine roles for application support across teams.

Note: We often recommend a trial implementation for a select user group to ensure minimal disruptions. This trial phase can last between 1 to 3 months.

7. Project Transition & Ongoing Support (As Needed)

  • A thorough project evaluation is conducted.

  • Knowledge transfer to your internal IT team or other vendors is facilitated.

  • A conclusive report is provided, and we seek your approval for project closure.

Our approach is not just about software development; it's about building solutions that drive business growth and efficiency. We're here to partner with you every step of the way.