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At mj14, we craft native, cross-platform, and progressive web applications that not only boast of stellar performance and captivating design but also possess a distinct edge to shine brightly in a competitive landscape. Dive into a world where technology meets creativity.

Elevate Your Mobile Experience with ScienceSoft

Crafting Unique Digital Journeys

  • Strategic Product Design: Dive deep into market insights and brand essence, carving out your unparalleled competitive edge.

  • Consultation & Strategy: Shape your vision with expert guidance on app conceptualization, platform choices, and cost-effective development strategies.

  • Stunning App Design: Experience designs that captivate, engage, and resonate, ensuring seamless user adoption and interaction.

  • Robust App Development: Trust in our proven track record of crafting high-speed, stable, and top-tier mobile apps. Many successful projects stand testament to our prowess.

  • Holistic Web Solutions: Beyond mobile, let us amplify your digital presence with web apps, portals, e-stores, and innovative SaaS solutions.

  • Seamless App Integration: With expertise in diverse APIs, we promise smooth integrations, be it backend systems or third-party applications.

  • Precision Testing & QA: Our certified engineers ensure your app's excellence through meticulous functional, performance, security, and user experience checks.

  • Dedicated Support & Maintenance: Post-launch, rely on our comprehensive support, ensuring compliance, security, performance optimization, and continuous evolution.

  • Revitalizing App Modernization: Breathe new life into legacy apps with revamped architecture, refactored code, and a fresh, modern aesthetic.

Join hands with MJ14 and embark on a transformative mobile journey tailored just for you.

Our Comprehensive Mobile App Development Process

Discover Our Mobile App Development Journey

1. Blueprint & Strategy

Within 2 weeks, we:

  • Understand and document your core business processes.

  • Identify business objectives and challenges.

  • Assess potential risks of the app introduction and strategize mitigation.

  • Outline high-level app functionalities and technical requirements.

  • Curate a list of app features and necessary integrations.

  • Design a project timeline with key milestones.

For commercial mobile apps, in an additional 3 weeks, we:

  • Analyze competitors (features, pricing, user feedback, acquisition strategies).

  • Understand the desires of your target users and conceptualize the app.

  • Highlight what sets your app apart from the rest.

  • Identify potential market or industry barriers and strategize solutions.

2. Business Justification

In just 1 week, we delve into cost-benefit analysis, estimating the app's Net Present Value (NPV) and Return on Investment (ROI).

3. Design & User Experience

Spanning 2 weeks to 3 months, we:

  • Determine app architecture, technologies, data flow, and integration touchpoints.

  • Engage in UX research, define user personas, and chart out user journeys.

  • Develop wireframes and interactive prototypes.

  • Analyze visual identity, craft a design concept, and produce a UI kit with ready components.

Note: We prioritize unique UI design when it's a competitive edge. Otherwise, functionality takes the forefront.

4. MVP Rollout (if needed)

The first functional version of the enterprise app is delivered within a month, while a commercial app's MVP can be ready in approximately 2 months.

5. Development & Quality Assurance

  • Agile delivery in 2-week sprints with continuous, safe releases.

  • Ongoing needs analysis and release planning.

  • Mockup reviews and approvals.

  • Development, testing, and migration of approved app segments.

  • Gathering feedback post-release.

  • Evaluating completed releases and planning the next.

Note: Compact projects with clear definitions might follow a linear approach with a single major release.

6. Launch & Initial Support

  • User acceptance testing (UAT) is conducted.

  • Software monitoring processes are established.

  • New roles for app support are defined for both our teams.

Note: We advocate for a pilot launch for select users to ensure smooth full-scale deployment. This trial phase typically lasts 1-3 months.

7. Transition & Ongoing Support (if needed)

  • Project evaluation is conducted.

  • Knowledge is transferred to your internal IT team or other vendors.

  • A final report is presented, awaiting your approval for project completion.

Embark on a transformative mobile app journey with us, tailored to your unique vision and goals.